Template:Character infobox Swami was Varrick's personal levitation instructor. He tricked Varrick into believing that he was levitating, and the company around Varrick was too afraid to tell him because they were unsure of how he would react to the news. However, when Bolin entered Varrick's ship, he immediately informed the businessman that he was not levitating, and Varrick had Swami fired.[1]

History Edit

When Varrick traveled to the Southern Water Tribe to attend the Glacier Spirits festival, Swami came with him, still pretending to teach him levitation. Once Asami and Bolin entered Varrick's ship, Varrick asked the two about how he was going. Bolin informed Varrick he was not levitating, and Varrick had Swami fired.[1]

Appearances Edit

The Legend of Korra Edit

Book Two: Spirits Edit


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